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     A national news article focuses on what's happening in the country. An example of a national news article would be an article on the Canadian government passing a new bill.

     An international news article focuses on news that's happening outside the country. A story on an influenza outbreak in USA would be considered an international news story.

     A feature article is an article that is about "softer" news. A feature may be a profile of a person who does a lot of volunteer work in the community or a movie preview. Feature articles are not considered news stories.
     An editorial is an article that contains the writer's opinion. Editorials are usually run all together on a specific page of the paper and focus on current events. Editorials are not considered news stories.

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Jagbani Punjabi Newspaper or Jagbani Jalandhar is a Punjabi Newspaper published daily from Jalandhar(Head office) Civil Lines, Pucca Bagh, Jalandhar Punjab. Jagbani is a newspaper from group of other newspapers like Punjab Kesari Epaper, Hind Samachar Epaper. Jagbani Punjabi Newspaper Jalandhar is the favorite newspaper of Punjabis all around the world. You can read Jagbani Epaper & Jagbani Newspaper here.

Jagbani Punjabi newspaper's printing was started in Jalandhar. Daily Jagbani Punjabi Newspaper is number 1 Punjabi newspaper in the world. Jagbani has a very strong visitor list online. All Punjabis living anywhere read Jagbani before reading any other newspaper. Jagbani Punjabi newspaper is famous all over the world including in USA, Dubai, UAE, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, UK,  and many other countries. Jagbani has many jounrnlist all over the world. The website of Jagbani punjabi daily is jagbani.com.

Before writing a newspaper article, one must have an understanding of the different types of articles contained in a newspaper. Most news articles are news stories and focus only on the facts but editorials and columns are not considered real news stories and usually reflect the opinion of their writer. There are several types of news articles*:
     A local news article focuses on what's going on in your neighbourhood. An example of a local news story would be an article on a city council meeting.
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